Sunday, March 27, 2011

Know FaYee's personal stuff and fashion...

Q: What's your Nationality and Ethnicity? Religion ?
A: I'm Malaysian . Ethnicity ? To be frank , I am 4/8 Malay , 2/8 Indonesian-Dutch , 1/8 Chinese and 1/8 Indian but in my I.C it stated that my race as Malay . I grow up to a Muslim family . Alhamdulillah . ;)

Q: How tall are you?
A: I stand at 5'7.5' @ 172 cm . Been a GUY with that kind of height isn't FUN okay ! I wear a pair of elevator shoes every each time I go out so I stood around 175-179 cm outside . TRICKSTER ! AHahAHHAH . =X

Q: How did you get the name FaYee ? What is your given name ?
A: Look ! There's a story behind the unique name . At first there's a character in this ANIME called GATEKEEPER named Feng Fei Rin if I'm not mistaken which she wield the Gate of Fire . Her DYNAMIC characteristic and of course her name attracted me a lot and I'm without a doubt use her name not until Form 3 . My English teacher stresses that the name ( at first I used 'Faye' as my nickname for most of the time ) belongs to GIRLS . I've been laughed like FREAKS by my classmates at that time and it's the most embarassing moment ever but slightly FUNNY too . Now with still a no doubt , I used the name ' Fayee ' ( pronounces as Fa + Yii ) up until now . I still wonder does it really belong to girls' name too as alike of 'Faye' . Well , it does sound ones ! HUHH ! By the way, my name is FAIZAL BIN AZMAN ( Sounded really 'manly' huhh ? ) .

Q: Are you studying or working?
A: Currently , I studying at MARA University of Tecnology (UiTM) Penang , somewhere in the northern of Malaysia ( not trying to be specific ) major in Diploma in Tourism Management . Lot's of biatch in my batch . SORRY for been HONEST . =X

Q: Have you been abroad ?
A: Once I lived in England when I was at the age of 6 until 9 . I experienced myself the four seasons ( which will never EXIST in the equator ! ) at the young age . More of that I've been to INDONESIA , SINGAPORE and HONG KONG . Next stop ? Probably Mainland CHINA or SOUTH KOREA . Hoping for S.KOREA especially in the WINTER though ! =)

Q: What is your leisure time do-s ?
A: As some of you may know . I'm a Japanese freaks . I even learn Japanese Language . J-pop , Manga , Anime , J-dorama and any Japan's influences make me less think about LOVE and enlighten my stress . aww . ( NOW I just forgot that I have tons
of assignment that I need to submit by next week ! :-X ) . I loves jogging , surf the Internet , talking rubbish ( favourite ! ) , fashion up-to-date especially from the ' KOREAN WAVE ' influences and shopping of course . As you can see I less of doing the GUY stuff because I do the things that I want and I'm not act with the motivation of the others . Ehee , as for sports I enjoyed HOCKEY , BADMINTON and smash the pins by playing BOWLING . Okay that's a little of guy stuff I played . =)

Q: Friends or Foes ?
A: Both !! Should I explain more ? >.<

Q: What color is your hair?
A: I had recently (March 2011) colored my hair Ash Brown . I used this new hair-colour product called LIESE Bubble Hair-Color which is not a typical hair-colour that you can see in a drug store product because it is a shampoo-like application which is easy and less messy . The colour of my hair really turn out EVENLY as what it shows in the colour prediction section at the box. My hair is originally DARK BROWN and never been BLACK before ( only a time when I was really addicted to the EMO stuff which I dyed my hair and it's JET BLACK ! >,< ).

Q: Where do you color your hair?
A: I do it at HOME on my own or sometime with the help of my brother . I only colour my hair at the salon TWICE ( or maybe THRICE ? ) . The shade is CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE and DARK BROWN ( re-dye my hair ) . BROWN shades is my kind of colour . =)

Q: Can you describe your hairstyle and hair course ?
A: I don't really have any idea what kind of hairstyle I belong too . I had recently straighten my hair and my friend said I look like LEETEUK from the SUJU ! aww . You 'dogged' me . YOU WIN RAZDI ! ahahaha . Did you mentioned RYOWOOK too huh ? ahahaha . I described my hair as ' K-pop inspired MOD ' . My hair course is initially slightly hard and full-tangled at the end of my fringe @ bang . It's terrible since I've been in campus from before which I used to come to SALON and do hair-treatment every 2 months . What else ? Erm , As I clarified on the above question , I'm naturally born BRUNETTE and WAVY-HAIRED BOY . =)

Q: What camera do you use to take photos for your blog?
A: Previously , I used Panasonic LUMIX-FX12 digital camera which I bought when I was in Form 4 back in the year of 2006 . Obviously I bought because of the reason that AYUMI HAMASAKI appeared in the CM of the product promoting the camera . Awww . Now for been UP-TO-DATE and follow the desire to look modelesque my parent bought a DSLR camera ( Canon 500D ) to ease my job as I'm the head-photographer of the only TOURISM CLUB in UiTM Penang ; The Penang Youth Tourism Association ( PYOTA ) . SNAP ! SNAP ! SNAP !

Q: Your fashion inspiration ?
A: I follow the fashion development from time-to-time . Not every kind of fashion and design suits me and stick on my taste . As I'm not that lean or skinny or thin or whatever they called those ' skeleton-alike ' creature was , not all design I can fit into them ; most probably SKINNY JEANS . But as for now , I can wear one or two from the GIORDANO . aww , I feel so sexy . HahhAa . I adores fashion of the EMO's with the hair thingy and Korean Boys' Group especially from Super Junior ( SuJu ) and 2P.M.

Q: Fashionista Dude . Can you share your voice of though ?
A: I think fashion is diverse . One's should always said FASHION is for girls . There are meant to be . I mean what the hell ? Guys should also put up some GIORDANO , LUIS VUITON , ARMANI or at least POLO or JEFFERSON too feel good and trendy . I think we need to be more concern on how MEN should be treat fair enough on how they wear to OFFICE , or to CLASS or when they HANG OUT with friends . But there's one important thing that build up a barrier upon change from oneself to another ; The fear too change . And the Malaysian themselves . They have this jealousy 'FIRES' inside of them . Come on , be mature ! That's why we MALAY people always be left behind .

THAT's some of the thing that I can share about me towards the FASHION and related . Thanks for reading . Good-bye . <3


nadia said...

bru nak blogging ke?
da berhabuk da blog u ni~

FaYee said...

lol..con !
i blog if i rasa nak blog je loo..
huhuhu.. sihat ke ? =)