Tuesday, April 21, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 : ALLISON for the WIN..!!

ALLISON : After Makeover...!!

Big & bold eyes..!! she's a doll who know how to rule the modeling industry..!! ALLISON..!! i rooting for you..!! i hope u will be the next AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL..!! huhuhu~~ cheers..!! here are some of her picture in the top model...

From the first episode.. she got a first call-out though! huhuhu~~

as the ellis islan immigrant..!! classical..!! (^^)

this is her photo from the latest episode..!! as R&B singer CIARA's tangled FAN..!! finally, she make some difference faces! congrats..!

Anyway, let's hope ALLSON shall win the TOP MODEL..!! i really hate TEYONA who is anyone out there thing she will become the next winner..! oh please..!! she has no personality..!! she cannot smile too..!! go home TEYONA..! huhuhu!! beside ALLISON, im rooting for CELIA, FO and NATHALIE too..!! huhuhu~~ goodluck to them..!! (^_^)


The Bottle In Me said...

byk gila da smpi ak mls nk ikut!!!!

FaYee said...

weyh, ko dh x nonton ke? ishh.. aku tgok kt YouTube je. kat m'sia x kuar lg.! lembab beno! haha~~