Friday, December 5, 2008

friends until da end of time...!!

looking on da picture above, u can see how happy we were during our class party at PADANG POLO, IPOH..!! this was day i felt really blessed for having such a good classmates and da one and only open-minded teacher at GUNUNG RAPAT, [ i guess so..] Cikgu Harizul Annuar...!! ermm, this party was held i think a few weeks before SPM 2008... [ nak dkat2 nk pekse leh ENJOY lagi..! hahaha!] i think this is one of da memorable moment in my life.. to hace such good friends, im totally be thankful to ALLAH and them of course to accept as one of their friend even thought maybe im quite annoying sometime i just be myself.. huhuhu... kay la.. love u guys..!! =]

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Anonymous said...

So sweet