Friday, December 5, 2008

da beginning of da BLOG..!!

hyeee.. let get start on BLOG.. hurmm.. as soon as my spm finished.. i don't know what the hell i will do next.. my parent always scold me to stop wasting my time on surfing da damn internet and get my butt on doing some job and gain some salary.. perghhh... i don't really have that passion on gaet some jobs as soon as i finish my SPM..! it's kinda sucks anyway.. i think i will refresh my mind first.. and reenergize myself from before and after.. and i think i shall mostly get sucks with my SPM result anyway... heyyy!! i do want to enter da IPTA okay..!! i'm HOPING a lot..!! ermm.. i don't know.. i hope they will be miracle and luck on myself... just pray to GOD that i will succeed in this important exam in my life... insya-Allah.. anyway, im kinda new here.. every single thing mentioned in this blog im kinda blurred with it.. huhuhu.. so, please give me some help ok..!! wassalam...! =]

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